Although El Loco Fandango was officially formed nearly 2021, the idea had been floating around for some time. Don and Mike often heard “hey it’s ZZ Top” when they were seen together at a bar or local show. The “fateful” day that Tim Elliott overheard the comment, he stepped up and the trio was born! For the next several months, the guys put together a set culled from ZZ Top’s vast, 50 years in the making, library of songs.

Tribute bands are all about the details, so creating a great ZZ Top show required a lot attention to both look and sound. Don, Mike and Tim carefully crafted the tone to emulate the live performances as well as the recorded versions of their biggest hits. When it comes to wardrobe, a lot of time has been spent shopping at fine Western wear, searching for proper beard care and ensuring the proper amount of “bling” is present on each ensemble. All that, along with the wide selection of matching instruments, bring unmatched authenticity to the show.

EL Loco Fandango been a major success and in a short time the boys have established themselves as one of the top tributes acts in Colorado. This year’s schedule will go across state lines and get them on the road to be truly “Nationwide”. Be sure to check out “That Little Old Band from Texas Experience” at a venue near you, and bring your Tube Snake Boogie shoes.


Come See Us!!

June 1 – Angry Clover, Aurora, CO

June 15 –  Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Glenwood Springs, CO

July 4 – Main Street, Estes Park, CO

July 19 – Foothills Mall. Fort Collins, CO

July 20 – Bootstrap Brewery Longmont, CO

July 27 – Dundy County Fair, Benkelman, NE

August 21 – Kool Deadwood Nights. Deadwood, SD

Aug 24 – Realities Ride, Budweiser Plant, Fort Collins, CO

August 31 – Wide Open Saloon. Sedalia CO

Sept.6 – Tailgate Tavern, Parker CO

Sep 7- Bennet Days, Bennet, CO

Oct.4 – The Buffalo Rose., Golden, CO

Oct.25 – Stargazers. Colorado Springs, CO

Nov.2 – Rialto Theater, Loveland CO

Nov.15&16 – Granbury Theater, Granbury TX





ZZ Top was one of the first handful of concerts I saw starting in 1976. I was such a big fan of both their early and late hits. El Loco Fandango: Colorado Tribute to that “Little ole Band from Texas” is so good and authentic from sound to their look, they transport me right back to those magical concert days. It’s also been my pleasure to work shows with them; Easy and professional. Cannot wait until the next one coming up, a veterans charity concert Freedom Fest Mini Purple Heart Series on October 21st!!!!
~Diane Robinson

By far the most authentic ZZ Top Tribute Band in the USA. The attention to detail with both the music and the look are incredibly accurate and true to the real band. I sometimes do a double-take when I see them and have to look closely to see if it’s El Loco Fandango or ZZ Top!
~Bill Owen

As Tribute bands go These guys are doing it RIGHT. The look, the guitars the performance is spot on as a great tribute should be! If you close your eyes you’d swear you were at a ZZ Top concert! Nuff Said!
~Brent Enman

Really enjoy the dedication to the authenticity of their tribute to the music, look, sound and personality of that little ole band from texas!!!!!
On a personal level they are all amazing people.
~Gary Yost


My brother and I have been going to ZZ Top shows since 8th grade. We’ve seen them 40 times or more. El Loco Fandango has played twice now at Legends Rock Bar , even once on our Birthday. I’m not sure what’s more amazing, that they look exactly like our blues heroes or their ability to play note for note over 30 songs. It’s truly mind blowing and they even build their own guitars. Put them on your list and you will never forget the coolness. I’m just waiting for them to add Dust my Broom to the set list, if they haven’t already.

~Scott Fishburn, Owner Legends Rock Bar in Colorado Springs



Under Pressure

Thank You

Waiting For the Bus

Jesus Just Left Chicago

Gimme All Your Lovin’

I’m Bad I’m Nationwide

Gotsta Get Paid

Tube Snake Boogie


Just Got Paid

Blue Jean Blues


Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers

Cheap Sunglasses

Sharp Dressed Man

Brown Sugar

La Grange


Sixteen Tons


Arrested for Driving While Blind

Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings

TV Dinners



Fool For Your Stockings

Pearl Necklace

My Head’s In Mississippi

Heard it on the X

I Got the Six


Double Back

Need You Tonight

Hey Joe

Oil & Gasoline